Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interesed in sponsoring Team 5148, please refer to the sponsorship brochure below.  If you would like to speak to a team representative, please contact us.

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Claudia Egan Law Offices

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Timothy Kieselhorst

MRA the Management Association, Inc.

Robert and Catherine Schweigel

Tammie and Clifford Ciszewski

Joseph Tutkowski

Thomas and Amy Kunath

Claudette Frangopoulos

Michelle Schneider

Donald and Carol Ann Schneider

Travis Gensch

T. and C. Schmear

Michael Rahmes

Troy and Jann Pfaff

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Brian and Jill Buchholz

Roger Dickson

Lori Ciszewski

Charles and Judith Scheihing

Jack Mousadis and Antoinetter Guy

Brad Yeates

Bryan and Olga Nestor

David and Laura Finses

Lisa Shaver

Sharon Yeates

Susan Yeates

Steven and Ann Wollmer

Patricia Schroeder

Sue and Dave Ferguson

Naomi Bhagat

Larry and Audrey Honzel