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If you are interesed in sponsoring Team 5148, please refer to the sponsorship brochure below.  If you would like to speak to a team representative, please contact us.

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Margaret & Raymond Blair

Hermanus and Marian Vink

Brian Schweigel

Kazandra Rodriguez & Brian Bartelt

Jesse Warner

Patricia and Frank Andrejat

Machine Tech, Inc.

Donald and Carol Schneider

Daniel Spitz

Brian and Rhonda Geoffrey

N.H. Machining, Inc.

Catherine & Todd Bartels

Travis Gensch

Troy and Jann Pfaff

Price Engineering

Ace World Wide Moving & Storage Co., Inc.

Richard and Karen Gosse

Claudette Frangopoulos

Stacia and Michael Schneider

Drew Luntz

Stephen and Hilary Aspenleiter

Arrowhead Tool & Die, Inc

Chris Cotter

Paul and Kathleen Owen

Kris Wolber

Brad Yeates

Rachel Bertzyk

Thomas and Roxane Hoefer

Michelle Douglas

Kevin and Sharon Kamphuis

Renee Hoefer

Jeanie Ramphun

Joanne Berben

Janice Reick

Mitchell Snastin

Kenneth and Susan Copp

Jeremy and Kelsey Gebert

Lynn Bergstedt

Gordon Fernando

Ron and Dot Knutowski

St. Jude Congregation

Doris Denzen

Shirley Keasey and Brian Bartelt

Raymond and Ruth Korducki

Sharon Yeates

David  and Kristine Samuel

Gordan Fernando

Indrani Chimakurthi

Paul and Kathleen Owen

Sara Becker

Christine Weitekamp

Joyce Wichman

Speedy Metals

Robert Sommer

Sue and Dave Ferguson

Rick and Carolyn Andrejat

Julie Palen

Sandy and Jeff Leverenz

Michael Rahmes

Micahel and Claudia Balcerowski